Board Notes

The October Agenda was approved.
The BOD September Minutes were approved.
The Treasurer reported on the Reserve account CDs and FNB financial statements and reconciliations.
The September secretarial and bookkeeper's costs were approved.
Reports were made on the completion of painting, maintenance, tree trimming and construction.
The State of Alaska tax filings were completed.
Unpaid dues were collected.
Property managers are managing two units. Both managers were given CGOA House Rules for the tenants.
The BOD will contract vendors for 2024 work.

The September Agenda was approved.
The August Minutes were approved.
The Treasurer reported on the reconciliation of the bank accounts and the CDs.
The CDs return rates are between 5.2 to 5.3%.
GreatLand Tree Services trimmed the trees along the Arctic Blvd fencing.
RV lot space assignments were made.
Five unit sales have been completed.
Painting was completed for the new wood on the units that new roofs were installed.
There was discussion concerning the water logged areas on lawns behind the east Highlander Drive units.
There was a discussion concerning snow piling versus hauling for the 2023-2024 winter. 
President Wendy Raff resigned.
Replacement of a President will be addressed at the next BOD meeting.

The August Agenda was approved.
The June BOD Minutes were approved.
Treasurer Mark reported on the bank account reconciliations and the CDs  maturity dates and rates. The current rates are 5.1 to 5.4%. The Schwab account has approximately a $400,000 balance after withdrawals for the replaced roofs.
Restoration Painting completed the fence painting.
Secretarial costs for supplies was approved.
GreatLand was retained to trim trees along Arctic Blvd and remove the trees fallen from high winds.
RV lot spaces were assigned.
Several units are available for sale. There are multiple reasons for selling.
One owner requested information concerning the Schwab financials. The BOD decided that the financials for the most recent month should be sent to all owners.
Lee Darbous, unit 7924 has joined the BOD.

JULY 2023 BOD NOTES: The July meeting was cancelled.

The June Agenda was approved.
The May BOD Minutes were approved.
The President gave the financial report. The bank accounts were reconciled and accurate. The reserve deposits for January through April were increased to equal the monthly deposits for the rest of 2023. 
Notices regarding fines, house rules, owner responsibilities and insurance premiums due were mailed to all unit owners.
A garage door was reported as damaged. This will be investigated as to cause and date.
May secretarial costs were approved.
Earhart Roofing will begin reroofing in July.
Handyman Chip Werner was interviewed for maintenance work.
A Team is the new lawn maintenance company. Several places have bare areas. A BOD member will contact the company owner to discuss repairs needed.
The fencing on Arctic will be painted as soon as there are a few dry days. 

The May Agenda was approved.
The April BOD Minutes were approved.
The 2023 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved.
Officers were elected.
The Treasurer reported on the reconciliation of the bank accounts. The CDs are invested at Schwab. The 2023 Budget was amended to reflect the increase in the reserve deposits and the operating account monies. The outstanding invoices were reviewed and approved.
A motion to pay a bonus of $500 to the bookkeeper was made and approved.
Storage fees will increase by $8 beginning July 2023.
Notices were sent to owners concerning fees for late dues payments.
The BOD discussed whether to remove boxes under front windows of units at the time of roof replacements. Some areas show  wood rot. No decision was made at this time.
House rules, list of changes to the fines for late payments and the proposed insurance clause were provided to the BOD members for review and further discussion.

The April Agenda was approved.
The March BOD Minutes were approved.
The Treasurer reported on reconciliation of the bank accounts.
All records requested by the auditor were provided to the CPA.
Lawn maintenance bids were obtained. There has been an increase in all expenses.
Roof replacements and gutter cleaning contracts have been obtained.
Annual meeting notices were sent to all unit owners.
Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 18, 2023 at Beautiful Savior gym at 6:30pm

The March Agenda was approved.
The February BOD Minutes were approved.
There was an inquiry about insulation of  roofs at the time of replacement.
The BOD will address the issue when any owner's roof is scheduled for replacement.
The Treasurer reported on reconciliation of the bank accounts.
Currently there are 4 Schwab CDs with APRs at 4.5 to 5.1 rates.
The 2023 first quarter Reserve deposits were transferred to the Schwab account.
Three property managers responded to BOD requests for proposals. No decision was made concerning retention.
The BOD discussed the cost of the annual audit and whether the audit could be schedule for every other year or three years. This issue needs to be addressed at an annual owners meeting.
The 2023 budget was reviewed, adjusted and a motion was made for approval. The motion was approved by the BOD . The budget will be presented to the owners at the annual meeting for their approval.
A motion was made for retaining Denali Clearview's bid for gutter cleaning. The motion was seconded and approved.
Northern Greens gave notice of 30 days termination of their services.
The BOD members will contact other yard maintenance companies for bids.
An owners package of documents for the Annual Meeting will be sent by USPS at the first of April.

The February Agenda was approved.
The January BOD Minutes were approved.
The Treasurer reported on the bank account reconciliations. 
The Schwab CD accounts were discussed and earning interest.
There was a discussion regarding a property manager. No decision was made.
There was a discussion of an auditor and tax preparer. 
The proposed CPA will be contacted.
There was a discussion of limiting the audits to every other year. No decision was made.
The Treasurer is working on changes to the 2023 budget. The budget will be finalized at the March meeting.
The Reserve Study will be provided to all owners and posted on the WEB page.
The 2021 audit will be posted on the WEB page.
The Beautiful Savior auditorium will be scheduled for the April 18th Annual meeting.

The January Agenda was approved.
The December Board Minutes were approved.
The Treasurer reported on the bank account reconciliations.
The budget continues to be updated.
Earhart Roofing was approved to completed the roofing replacements on 5 units this summer.
The BOD is working on retaining vendors for summer maintenance issues.
The BOD discussed the Triad Reserve Study and its three options.

 December 2022 BOD NOTES
The December Agenda was approved.
The November BOD Minutes were approved.
Treasurer Mark reported on the bank account reconciliations.
He reported on the CDs interest rates at Schwab which are 3.0 to 3.7%
The BOD members will close the North Rim account and transfer remaining monies to First National Bank.
All designated reserve account monies have been deposited.
There was a discussion of insurance coverage, reserve study and the 2023 budget.
All three issues will be addressed in 2023.

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